used apparel Used Apparel - graders and suppliers of used clothing…. is a grader and recycler of wholesale Used clothing. We specialize in clothing that after recycling looks “as good as new” Meaning , all our apparel is carefully graded then steamed, cleansed and pressed, and for a small additional charge can be supplied with hang tags. Each item has been carefully graded, cleansed, steamed and pressed. As this is Used clothing each category has no two items the same, either in style or size . We ship world wide and can offer discounts for larger and full container loads . Our plant is situated in Newark NJ. Please click on one of our categories below to see quantities and pricing.

If you dont see the item your looking for please reach out to us. We have access to the largest inventory on the east coast. Our reputation is renowned and we have efficient service, good pricing and faster response time.
sweaters   Long sleave tops   Flannel Shirts   Sweat Shirts   Denim Jackets   Jeans  
All long sleeve,perfect condition. Steam pressed, sized and packed in individual poly bags.
Short or Long Sleave Tops
Turtle, Polo, V and round necks. Mostly Unisex, some ladies. Perfect condition.
Flannel Shirts
All men's. Heavy and medium weights. Mostly all cotton. Steam pressed and buttons closed.
Sweat Shirts
Plain and printed. Really good condition. Steam pressed.
Denim Jackets
Washed and pressed. Each jacket on its own hanger. Beautiful condition.
No holes. All perfect zips. No missing loops. No excessive wear. All assorted big name brands.
Ladies Boots
Assorted Ladies Boots. Perfect condition, carefully graded assorted sizing, Leather , Suede and nylon.

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Quality used clothing
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